Age of Crusades Military Leadership and the Combat Role of Knights

Age of Crusades Military Leadership and the Combat Role of Knights

Task Description:
This research paper needs to be written on the military leadership and the combat role of knights in The Age of Crusades.
The research essay needs to demonstrate a good/convincing/persuasive argument and structure, which means beginning with a clear topic definition – that is, a thesis. The analytical development of your argument shapes the whole body of your written work and determines its logical direction. Needless to say, the whole package is based on good use of evidence.

The scope and depth of treatment means showing high-quality evidence and imaginative research, incorporating primary and secondary sources. Accessing and using primary sources on your chosen subject is absolutely critical to a successful History essay. Luckily, The Age of Crusades has generated a lot of English translations of medieval (Latin, Greek, etc.) sources, many of them available online. the essay must use primary source material as well as secondary sources. just for understanding- there needs to be at least 7-10 primary sources.

And the presentation must consist of good language, writing style, spelling, grammar, punctuation, in addition to the all-important historical conventions of proper referencing (footnotes) and bibliography.

Criteria & Marking: The essay should demonstrate a very high level of rigour in argumentation and understanding of issues, exceptional organization of material, extensive research, and original and creative discussion. The presentation and referencing should be excellent, with minimal, if any, errors and strict attention to referencing conventions.
Your essay will be assessed according to the following criteria:

Ability to construct a well-reasoned argument.
Depth and breadth of understanding of central issues.
Ability to form a well-structured essay.
Engagement with academic sources and evidence.
Insight and/or creativity in interpreting texts or constructing a point of view or argument.
Capacity to produce a coherent and well-written essay using correct grammar and syntax.
Appropriately referenced, as per discipline conventions.