Psychology Homework Help

Please complete the exam questions as per the normal instructions.

  1. Outline and define the stages of Freud’s personality development.
  2. Outline, define, and give examples of the 3 essential qualities Carl Rogers believed were needed to achieve optimal functioning in an individual.
  3. Describe self-efficacy as a personality characteristic that is related to good health and overall well-being.
  4. Distinguish between Type A and Type B behavior patterns. Which one leads to better educational success and why?

5.Do you think your personality is set after adolescence (18-25)?  Yes or no, explain. Validate your answers with theory.

6.Can a child mimic their guardian’s or step parent’s personalities?  Is personality more genetic or environmentally based?

Question 5 & 6 are together. When you ask  Question 5 & 6, you need use your own word, and they cannot use reference and no copy.

Develop A Group Therapy Plan (Psychology Homework Help)

The plan should be 6 – 8 pages in length, double-spaced using APA formatting and a minimum of five scholarly sources.
This assignment should include:
1) background research on how the presenting issue can be addressed through a group, including group goals and theoretical approach;
2) a clear rationale for the structure being used, with an Outline of the sessions provided (point form);
3) inclusion and exclusion criteria for group membership and a few considerations that would need to be included on a Screening interview/form; and
4) relevant diversity and ethical issues.
Your paper may also include contingency plans for resolving group challenges.
Useful materials:

Graduate Level Psycho-Metrics Psychology Help

This is a team assignment where I am only responsible for 1 slide!!! The slide must have detailed speaker notes and must be formatted using APA format. I am only responsible for the part that is underlined and in bold. 
Select an assessment instrument used in a clinical setting and prepare a 10- to 15-minute oral presentation, accompanied with a 7- to 10-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation, in which your Learning Team:
Describes the instrument (bio-psychosocial assessment)
Describes its purposes and uses in a clinical setting
Discusses any legal or ethical considerations for organizations that use the instrument

Sensation And Perception Psychology

In this assignment, you will complete a 15-page paper about sensation and perception. Format your paper in APA style, and use at least 8 sources.

Personality Psychology

In this essay, apply the Big Five Personality Traits to analyze a two leaders. You are required to connect your personality traits to leadership theories. Format your paper in APA style and use at least 6 sources. Length of the paper is 8-10 pages.

Psychological And Emotional Disorders

Psychological And Emotional Disorders

In this assignment, you are required to identify one psychoogical or emotional disorder and use DSM-V and other sources  to complete the paper. Discuss how the disorder has been a major social problem in the community. Page length to be 8 pages, and format your paper in APA style. Cite at lest four sources. 

Eating Disorders

Eating Disorders

In this assignment, you are required to identify one eating disorder then write an 8-page paper in which you cover the following:

  • prevalence
  • diagnosis
  • treatment
  • causes
  • etc

You can use DSM-V to cover other aspects of the disorder. Format your paper in APA stye, citing at least four sources. 

Relationship Between The Mind And The Body Cartesian Dualism And Physicalism

Relationship Between The Mind And The Body Cartesian Dualism And Physicalism

The problem: The relationship between the mind and the body 

The opposing philosophical positions: Cartesian Dualism and physicalism (Use both Ryle and Putnam)

1800 – 2000 words, please.

You will

1)Summarize both positions,

2)Explain the arguments for and against each opposing position (why does their position do a better job explaining the mind. You may use Nagel’s arguments in this part),

3)Offer your own assessment of the dialectic using your own examples and reasoning; which side you think offers a more plausible model of the mind and why?