Computer Presentation Assignment Help

Computer Presentation Assignment Help

Each student is to select and sign up for a topic listed in the Presentation section of the class. If you have a topic idea that is not on the list. Discuss it with the instructor. As long as it is related to the course, it is likely to be approved.

Students will research and prepare a narrated PowerPoint presentation for the class. The presentation should last 10 – 15 minutes and consist of 12-18 PowerPoint Slides. The audience for the presentation is your classmates (not the instructor). Assume your audience has the knowledge and experience of a second year computer programming student. Relate your topic to concepts we have learned in this class.

You should be able to find information online about these topics. Include a reference page with your list of sources. If you find that a particular topic is too complex for you to describe in 15 minutes, feel free to pick another topic. The instructor may need to remove you from your first topic.

There are two discussion board assignments for you to report on the status of your presentation throughout the class. Your presentation will be posted for other students to learn from and to comment on.

Here are some suggestions for producing your presentation.

  1. Do not put too much content in your PowerPoint slides. A good guideline is the 7×7 rule. Slides should not have more than 7 bullet points and each bullet point should have no more than 7 words.
  2. Full sentences and correct grammar is not required on slides.
  3. Use pictures and diagrams to illustrate the topic.
  4. You should not just read the slides, but use them to prompt your discussion.
  5. It is hard to do, but speak as if you were talking to people in the room.
  6. Animation, such as bullet points appearing as you talk about them, or images that appear or change, can make your presentation more interesting to look at.

Your presentation will be graded on both content and presentation. Students are required to watch and post comments on at least two other presentations. A grading rubric is attached to this assignment.