Group Business Plan

The course assessment has two elements: the submission of a Group Business Plan and an
Individual Report.
1. Group Business Plan
This assessment requires you to work in groups and submit a group business plan. The
allocation of students into groups will take place during the early part of Term 1. Students will be
able to choose which other group members they would like to work with but there will be a strong
expectation that, once they have formed their groups, students will not be expected to change
groups. Each student group will have 4-5 members (groups of three will only be considered in
exceptional cases where there is an odd number of students in the tutorial group).
As a preparation for submitting the business plan, your team will have the opportunity to present
your business idea in a ‘Dragons’ Den’ style session at the end of Term 1 (to take place during
normal tutorial times). In groups, you are required to present your business plan, preparing 4-5
slides to assist you in doing this (10 minutes). You are also required to answer questions from
your tutorial leader after the presentation (5 minutes). You should be able to elaborate on the
plan and defend your analysis.
The presentation itself is not marked but aims to provide feedback to assist further development
of your business plan and your individual reflective report. Following your Dragon’s Den
presentation your team must meet and reflect on the presentation and the next steps you need
to take in order to develop your work. You will find a document on Moodle entitled ‘Business Plan
Action Plan’ which you should use in order to do this and a completed version of this document
should be attached as an appendix when you submit your Group Business Plans.
You will also work on your Group Business Plans during workshop sessions organised as a part
of the course. Attendance at these sessions is crucial and will be recorded by your tutorial
leader. Please note that your marks for the group work may be reduced by up to five marks
based on your attendance at these four workshop sessions and the peer assessment form
submitted by team members (Absence for medical appointment is the only permittable reason
for absence at one of these sessions. Any student missing a session for this reason is required
to bring photocopied evidence of this to present to the course tutor during the following week’s
Business plans must be 3,000 words in length (references and appendices are not included in
the word count) and must be submitted by one group member. Further guidance on the format
to be used for your business plan will be provided via lectures and seminars, and on Moodle,
once the course has started.

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