Leadership Style Assessment and Personal Reflection

Leadership Style Assessment and Personal Reflection

Leadership Style Assessment & Personal Reflection Paper
This assignment is intended to facilitate student self-assessment and critical reflection integral to ongoing development of leadership, management, and entrepreneurship potential in professional clinical nursing roles. Inherent in this activity is: a willingness to engage in self-reflection and analysis; the ability to objectively examine personal attributes, strengths, and weaknesses; gaining an awareness of resources available for the development of new leadership competencies; and a commitment to ongoing personal and professional development. The student will also evaluate his/her leadership style and potential for leadership in the clinical setting.
The student should:
• Complete a leadership self-assessment tool(s).
• Utilize a minimum of 3 resources to complete this self-assessment including: his/her textbook, relevant articles, and current research.
• Evaluate possible strategies for facilitating ongoing personal and professional development including (but not limited to)
o Ongoing education; career goals
o Networking/Mentoring/Professional Relationships
o Important characteristics of first job (organizational structure/philosophy; climate/culture; care delivery models; etc.

Content for the paper: (use the following designated content areas as headings throughout to organize your paper)
1. Identify your preferred leadership style
2. Assess your potential for leadership using and describing leadership theory
3. Assess your Decision-making and problem-solving style
4. Assess your ability to set priorities
5. Assess your delegation skills
6. Assess your communication skills: assertiveness, written, verbal, non-verbal, technical.
7. Assess your conflict resolution style
8. Identify a minimum of two areas of strength and two areas that need improvement to enhance your nursing leadership abilities.
9. Provide a plan of action for each identified area needing improvement, and explain why you feel improvement in these areas is crucial for your new role.

Format and style for paper
1. Maximum of 3-4 pages in length for formal paper (not including: title page reference page).
2. Mandatory format as designated by the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA) (6th ed.)
3. Double-spaced. Microsoft Word 97-2004 format (.doc) only.
4. Title page and Reference page required; abstract not required. As this paper is a self-assessment and reflection, speaking in the first person is expected and acceptable.

The final assignment should be comprised of:
1.) A completed and analyzed copy of the Blake and Mouton tool; this will be provided for you via Blackboard or e-mail. Blake and Mouton Leadership Style Questionnaire
2.) Your assessment of the leadership motivational assessment and this relation to your leadership style (www.mindtools.com) Go to Leadership Skills, followed by Leadership Motivation Assessment. Take the on-line test and record your score. Compare the description of your score with your leadership styles. Any patterns noted?
3.) Assessment of your leadership style (transformational, transactional, charismatic/laissez-faire) found @ www.nursingleadership.org.uk ; Leadership Style Assessment: Select the icon from the menu about assessment of leadership style. Complete the online “test” and note your results of your leadership style. These leadership styles are described in the textbook. After selecting your leadership style, please compare your results with the description from the textbook. What did you note? Were you surprised by the results?  Do you agree with the results?  What do you note around your communication style? Past decision-making style? Conflict resolution style? Use your textbook to aid in your discussion.
4.) A brief writing around your leadership style and your reflections around your past
influences personally and professionally with “leaders”. Reflect back to influences upon your leadership style. Has someone provided leadership modeling for you? Did you “model” after these people? Are there people who are leaders but not in a position of management? Include one current nursing leadership article to support your assessed leadership style, use this resource in the body of your paper, it is not necessary to submit a hard copy of this article, but it is important to reference the article.

This write-up (NOT inclusive of the Blake and Mouton Leadership Tool which will be attached) should be limited to 3-4 pages. NOTE: Your textbook has many leadership descriptions, if further descriptions are required.
I attached my results based on the 3 questionnaire tools we had to complete as well as the book we need to reference.
please get in touch with me with any questions as this is a very specific paper