Absence of Cybercrime Laws (Case study)

In 2000, the infamous LOVE BUG virus was distributed via email with the subject title “ILOVEYOU” by clicking on an attachment in the email (LOVE-LETTER-FOR-YOU.TXT). Once the user clicked on the attachment, malware was downloaded onto the user’s system and the virus spread by sending itself to the email addresses listed in the compromised user’s email address book. The creator and distributor of the LOVE BUG virus, Onel de Guzman, resided in the Philippines, which, at the time, did not have a law criminalizing this act.
What are the implications of the absence of cybercrime laws at a national and international level?
How can this situtation be dealt with at a national and international level?
Answer the above questions in a short paper of 500 (max 750) words – excluding the bibliography – on the basis of the lecture notes and your research.

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