Case Study of Samsung Electronics

Steps for case analysis

  1. Gain a feel for the case by briefly reading through once or twice. Ask:
    1. What sort of organisation does the case concern?
    2. What is the broad nature of the industry?
    3. What is going on in the external environment?
    4. What, if any issues does management appear to be facing?
  2. Read the case a second time, identifying key facts and clarifying the main issues. You may need to ‘read between the lines’, interpreting and connecting the case facts, and deducing issues yourself.
  3. Read the questions posed by the case carefully and brainstorm some ideas and responses to these.
    1. Make sure you understand what the Case questions require
  4. Identify the concepts and theories that explain the issues, problems and answers to the questions.
  5. Locate the gaps between the information included in the case and what additional information is needed to formulate high-quality answers to the case questions. Conduct any additional research required.
  6. Combine all the information collected to formulate the best and most accurate answer possible as a group.
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