Case Study Stryker Corporation

Use the Harvard Business Review case study about Study Stryker Corporation  to complete the paper in about 2,500 words.
Consider the following in your paper:

  • State the key missions of Stryker’s Capital Expenditure Requests (CERs) and the capital budgeting process. Discuss the extent to which these have been shaped by elements of corporate finance theory, and Stryker’s industry, history, and culture.
  • Outline the primary strengths and weaknesses of Stryker’s current CER system, and discuss how the performance of such a system should be evaluated.
  • Given Stryker’s strategy and its long-run goals, what specific modifications to its current CER system-analytical, organizational, and/or procedural-would you recommend? Develop two specific proposals and explain how these address the two specific problems.

Format your paper in Harvard style, and cite at least 3 sources.

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