Challenge of Cultural Diversity in a Nursing Practice

Cultural diversity as a challenge in a nursing practice
1.Introduction/Overview of the Problem:
Thorough and logical overview of the problem, includes a discussion of the problem’s relevancy to nursing
2. Summary of Findings:
Thoughtful, clear, and detailed summary of findings from the current peer-reviewed literature on this issue
3. Recommendations:
Recommendations/implications are stated clearly, includes a discussion about expert views and steps to address the issue
4. Personal Opinion:
Clearly addresses the nurse’s role in evidence-based healthcare including the following questions: 1) what you feel your role is in applying research to your own practice 2) how your practice has changed as a result of evidence (i.e. is practice now different because of the current evidence?)
5. Formatting:
Consistent use of APA (7ed)guidelines including reference citations within the paper and on reference page; grammar, writing style, and avoiding personal pronouns for “personal opinion” section
6. Use at least 5 peer-reviewed articles for references, scientific journals

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