Cultural Awareness (Case Study)

Case Study #1
Refer to the case study described on pp. 33-34 of your textbook ( A Classic Example of the Clash of Ethnomedical Systems: Lia Lee, a Hmong Child with Epilepsy) and Figure 2-4 (p. 19) (Multiple Levels of Interaction between Individuals and their Environment) to complete this assignment.  Demonstrate your level of understanding of the socio-ecological model by organizing the pieces of the case study into the multiple levels of interaction between individuals and their environment.  The textbook provides you with a similar example on pp. 19-20 using injection drug users who are African American.
Organize your responses by level; use these as subheadings in your response.

  1. Individual (knowledge, attitudes, beliefs, skills)
  2. Social Group/Family Dynamics
  3. Community/Population Group
  4. Cultural Societal
  5. Political/Economic/Structural

Limit your case study response to five double-spaced typed pages (not including the title page and references) and format it using APA Style. If you need help with APA Style, refer to the Getting Started Module for resources.
The following pages/figures are also attached

  1. 33-34

Figure 2-4 (p. 19)

  1. 19-20

Please use the pages/figures listed as references as well as 3 extra sources.
Please Organize responses by level; use the subheadings (1. – 5.) in the response. All separate paragraphs.

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