Diversity is described as the full range of human similarities and the differences

Diversity is described as the full range of human similarities and the differences

Diversity is described as the full range of human similarities and the differences in group affiliation including gender, race/ethnicity, social class, role within an organization, religion, sexual orientation, physical ability, and other group identities. The demographics of the United States have changed dramatically in the past three decades and will continue to change. These changes are reflective in the patients we serve and our healthcare workforce. These changes are affecting the delivery of health services from both the patients and the employee’s perspective.

We may have an unconscious bias that affects the way we interact with others. Identify a theory that may explain why we treat people of certain genders, gender identities, sexual orientations, races, ethnicities, and/or ages differently. Pick one dimension to explore in depth (i.e. race, ethnicity, country-of-origin, religion, sexual orientation, sexual identity, age). Explore if this is an issue in healthcare as it relates to quality-of-care, access-to-care, workforce, and leadership. Using theory and existing literature make a case as to why this is important for healthcare organizations to address and how we can address this issue in a diverse workforce. It is recommended that you address the issue of “diversity,” “equity,” and “inclusion” in your exploration of this issue.

Possible deliverables –

you do not have to address these, but these are just ideas in case you are stuck.

– Using current literature, describe the current environment as it relates to diversity in healthcare – How can we address unconscious biases and why is this important to the delivery of care?

– What are the ramifications of unconscious biases if these issues are not addressed?

– Can organizations be diverse but not inclusive? How can we address that?

– What are the barriers/facilitators to addressing these issues?

– Using established literature how can we effectively address these issues?

– How can organizations build open and supporting environments?


This assignment will require devoted inquiry, assimilation, reflection, and refinement in order to achieve the highest possible score. Research paper format – 2,500 words for BODY of the paper (about 10 pages double-spaced) (this excluding the reference page, abstract, and title page) Think of it as a professional white paper – addressing an issue in healthcare – grounded in theory (not your opinion) Proper use of grammar and spelling

Requirements 2,500 words for BODY OF THE PAPER APA Format ◦ 10 (minimum) or 40 (maximum) references, with at least 10 being from scholarly academic journals


Suggested Paper Layout

recommended that you include the following sections in your paper:

Title (Name, Student ID, Date, Paper Title)

Abstract (200 word (or less) synopsis / summary of paper)

Introduction (one-two paragraphs)

Body of Paper

Review and Application of Theory (use sub-sections as you deem necessary – you need to provide enough detail that as the reader, I assume you are an expert in this area) ◦

You need to demonstrate a significant degree of knowledge regarding the theory and topic you choose. ◦

Recommend you review the existing literature to further explore that theory and how it has been applied

Discussion (Tie the theory back to the case problem)

Conclusion (one – three paragraphs)

References (APA style)

Now, with this assignment you have to select and fully explore a particular theory; the pros and cons; the evolution of the theory, and what the theory actually says. You need to put the theory and other literature in your own words; however, you must properly cite other’s work (otherwise it is plagiarism). Citing material simply gives credit to those individuals whose ideas you are using. You have to emphasize the theory that you chose and make that the center of your paper because in this class you are trying to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise in this particular area. Additionally, this class is all about theory so, I want to make sure that you know how to use it properly. The use of a theory helps support your position and gives you credibility in what you write. Remember, this paper needs to be professional. Please make sure you check it for grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Your paper must tell a story. You are writing about a particular issue…. utilizing a theory to explore it deeper….and drawing conclusions from the literature and your selected theory. Remember that you are writing it for others so you need to write in third person, so NO “I think…” or “my experience…

Use the issue that you are writing about as a springboard to dive into a particular theory. So, if you are writing about diversity, you may provide some current stats about the issue to show why this is an issue or important to address. Then use that to introduce your theory – as this will be the crux of your paper.

Address the issue in full, being absolutely certain to do so not as a layperson, but as a healthcare organizational behavior expert. Make sure to reference a particular theory and findings in scholarly peer-reviewed articles, etc. to justify your positions. Merely providing personal opinions which are unsupported is insufficient for this assignment.