Factors determine and intervene in foreign exchange rates

What factors determine and intervene in foreign exchange rates? Explain your arguments by providing relevant theoretical / empirical literature and use relevant data.

Format of the assignment:
1) Title.
2) Abstract: A summary of assignment not more than 120 words.
3) Introduction/Background: In this section, you need to provide the relevant background to the topic by referring to the core issue that you aim to address in the assignment by citing relevant literature and also provide the objective of your assignment.
4) Literature review: In this section, you need to begin with relevant theoretical approaches that link the theory to the practice and then provide good amount of empirical literature on the given topic.
5) Analysis/Policy implications/recommendations: This is very important section of your assignment, so you need to pay considerable attention to this section. Specifically, you need to make good efforts to collect the relevant data and do some sort of analysis using basic statistical tools (mostly in excel) to draw the graphs, growth rates, averages, correlations, etc., once you do the analysis then you have to provide the relevant practical and policy implications based on the findings that you obtain through the analysis and make sure to provide supporting citations to your arguments in this part of assignment.
6) Conclusion: Here, you need to summarize your assignment by highlighting core findings, implications and take away knowledge from this assignment.
Organization – Compulsory to follow the following suggestions:
1) Your assignment of not more than 2500 words (plus or minus 10%), excluding Abstract/Tables/Graphs and References;
2) Font: Times New Roman;
3) Font Size: 12;
4) Align text to both the left and right margins;
5) Line and paragraph spacing: 2;
6) Please refer a minimum of 15 journal articles;
6) Please use the consistent referencing style and in alphabetical order.
7) Please make sure to write the assignment in your own words and avoid plagiarism and similarity issues; otherwise it will have a severe impact on your grade.
Marking Guide:
1. Title and abstract (10% weight).
2. Introduction/Background (15% weight).
3. Literature review (15% weight).
4. Analysis/Policy implications/recommendations (40% weight).
5. Conclusion (10% weight).
6. Organization of the assignment (10% weight).