Footprinting Of A Network (Information Systems Homework Help)

There millions of websites – 2 or more students should not have the same website “choose wisely”
This hands-on guide demonstrates how to conduct “Foot printing of a network” The best way to ensure your infrastructure is secure is to understand the steps an intruder may use to footprint a recon a network.
This exercise is exploratory (no right or wrong answer)
What is Footprinting and is it important?
What are DNS Records and why are they needed?
Find any website and check the DNS records
2. Go to
Go through the text records (A, AAAA, CNAME, MX, NS, PTR, SRV, SOA, TXT, CAA) In a word document copy and paste the information (Blue Text) of all the Text Record information.
3. Conclusion, what was interesting or stood out to you after checking the DNS records?
Minimum 2 pages
Must be in APA
Safe Assign under 35%
Individual Project 3
Provide the overview of the paper, you can start by answering what is foot-printing and DNS records briefly. Also be sure to mention that you reviewed the records of a website.
When your done here make sure that the text is not in italics.
A more detailed explanation of footprinting
DNS Records
A more detailed explanation of what are DNS Records
Exercise Footprinting
Find a website and use to fill in the table
10 3600 600
604800 1800
TXT google-site-verification=H0OFMiuXPwkcxdMj1q6ZUwiCd3pevlToU0v_ZUGs64A
v=spf1 a -all
Trace Route
What is trace route and how is it used?
Exercise Trace Route
Using either the website or IP that you choose to investigate conduct a trace route and copy a few lines here. Please note that you may have to stop it. Use the link in the comments section to right of further information on how to conduct it.
Please explain what you have found in the trace, you may have to repeat this process such as the A records and traceroute to find other networks, do not get caught up in the Matrix just find something worth mentioning.
This exercise provided additional information of behind the scenes networking and presents other servers, domains and IP address that are connected to the initial website. The initial nameserver is connected to a Google server, after conducting a trace route IP the A record shows only in Brazil. Another IP located in Brazil indicated that the central server is most likely located there IP because all other states did not show a connection hence the red x mark.

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