Globalization (“Globalization of Cemex case study)

Writer – read the “Globalization of Cemex” case study uploaded. Then, answer the first 5
questions below with about 1 paragraph each. Please state the question, then the answer below
and so on.
For the last question regarding the scorecard, look at table 3-1 in the scorecard file uploaded.
You will address the components of value in that table and apply the scorecard. Don’t copy the
information in the other two columns on that table… just use the table for the first column
(components of value).
-How does CEMEX create value?
-Are their limits to their approach?
-Do you agree that consolidation might be the next big dynamic in the cement industry?
-What is your evaluation of the Cemex globalization process? Is cement a global industry?
-Is Cemex positioning for the 4th Industrial Revolution?
-Apply the ADDING Value Scorecard to Cemex.

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