GM In China Case Study – 3 Page Paper

Please submit your GM in China cases here.  In addition to using case study materials provided earlier this term, you might organize your case as follows:
1.  Main problem and key issues
2.  Case data / facts relevant to the key issues, organized by key issue.
3.  Analysis of the key issues based on case data/facts using appropriate business tools. This section needs to be fully articulated in writing from issue to result, but should not contain conclusions about the main problem.
4.  A Solution to the main problem supported by conclusions drawn from the analysis of each of the key issues.
Please use only these key issues- ONLY
1. Where should GM expand its next joint venture? Self-driving car? Buses?
2. How can GM improve market trends?
3. How can GM stay competitive in China’s increasing economy?
5.  The steps necessary for the Implementation and Control of that solution.

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