Health Insurance Portability And Accountability Act Education

As a health care professional, you may be placed in a position where you will be asked to disclose patient information to law enforcement or a government agency. As a manager, you must also educate your staff to handle these situations with professionalism and confidence.
Create an info-graphic using, or a similar program.

  • Your audience is employees within your department.
  • Your goal is to educate your staff to understand what is allowable, and what is not when requests for patient information are made by law enforcement or government agency officials.
  • Your info-graphic should represent the flow of an interaction between an employee and an official, including text and graphic representations of your key points.
  • Save your completed info-graphic as either a .jpg or .png, and ensure all text is readable.
  • A minimum of three references should be listed at the bottom of your completed document.
  • Submit the info-graphic as a .jpg file.
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