History of I/O Psychology

History of Industrial/Organizational Psychology
You will be researching and seeing how the fields of I/O psychology has developed and changed over the course of history. I want you to go online and look at several timelines that describe and show the major developments that lead to the development in the field. You will find items from the late 1800’s all the way to the current events that are occurring today.
What you will be seeing are many events and important people in the field that have helped develop and mold the field into what it is today. I want you to read over many of these timelines to gain a general understanding of what helped shape this field into what it is today. Once you have a general understanding I want you to complete the following assignment:
I want you to choose and explain in great detail 10 events that occurred in your timeline. Explain the event in detail and then discuss how this event influenced the field of I/O psychology. Why was this event important? How did it influence the workplace? How did it influence or impact the workforce (employees/ people doing the jobs at that time)? You should also explain how this event impacted the economy in general/which always trickles down to workers.
Ex’s: WWI, WWII, Unions, AAA Division 14 developed, Hawthorne Studies
Now I want you to choose 10 influential people that have been crucial to the development of this field. Again research them and discuss their ideas, theories, or products that are seen as influential to I/O psychology. Explain why their ideas are seen as important. Share how they changed the workplace or helped employers or employees. Talk about the focus of their ideas or research.
Ex’s: Munsterberg, Henry Ford, Walter Bingham, James Cattell
Please put the events/people in numerical order by dates. You should single space your paragraphs and double space in between each event or person. For each event and person you must have at least 1 paragraph which is 4-6 complete sentences! Make sure you explain in detail each event and person and make the connection between I/O psych and the workplace. So you will have 20 paragraphs for this assignment.

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