Hospitality Beverage Management (Questions & Answers)

Answer each of the questions in a short paragraph format. 100 WORDS maximum 
(1) Choose a topic about the history of spirits. You can choose anything that interests you, such as Prohibition, Temperance, or amphorae. You may also select a person who was somehow instrumental in the history of alcohol.
(2) What are the essential pieces of equipment that make up a pouring station? Also, pretend you are a bartender and add your own flair to your personal bartender’s toolkit.
(3) What are the four basic factors that go into making any type of wine? Which of these four factors do you think is the most important, and why? Which is least important, and why? What is your stance in the controversy about natural corks versus screw tops and synthetic closures?
(4) Select a major multinational brewing company and trace its history of growth and acquisitions. Describe the possible reasons that the company had for acquiring and/or selling the properties it has bought and/or sold, and predict its future for the next five years based on the sources you research. Expand on the information from the text book. I expect you to use and cite external resources. This discussion should be a minimum of 250 words. APA CITES
(5) What type of bar chef would you prefer to be, classicist or avant-garde? Why?
(6) Locate a bar menu from any luxury hotel you wish. Explain why you think it deserves to be nominated as the Best Hotel Bar Menu. I may award additional points to the student who is most convincing.
(7) Of all the workplace-liability topics that you read about in Chapter 13, select one. Research and briefly summarize the latest legal developments in this area. ( Chapter 13: Purchasing, Receiving, Storage, and Inventory)
(8) Banning bars prevents what kinds of problems in a community? What kinds of problems does it create? What is your opinion on banning?

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