Huma Assignment – Roman culture

Choose three of the following questions and write a 150-350 word response to each question (points deducted for not meeting word count requirements).  Include the question at the top of your response. Put all responses into one document – in other words don’t submit the assignment multiple times, once for each response.  Remember – you MUST put information in your own words (this includes information from your text book and online sources) or it is considered plagiarism and you will receive a score of 1 on the assignment.

  1. Name at least three ways of how the Roman Coliseum reflected Roman culture. (Do not just provide a description of the Coliseum.)

2. Provide an analysis of the significance of stoicism in Roman culture AND the spread of the Roman Empire?
3. How does Roman art and architecture differ from Greek art and architecture?  Provide at least 2 examples of Roman art AND 2 examples of Greek art with an analysis of how they compare to each other.
4. On the internet, find a copy and read Juvenal Against Women.  What is he talking about?  How is this an example of the new literary form of satire?
5. Look at Trajan’s Victory Column and the statue of Marcus Aurelius.  How do these reflect the culture of the Romans?
6. Name at least TWO monumental Roman architectural works. How does monumental Roman architecture serve as propaganda for the Roman Empire?

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