iCARE Concept and Interprofessional Teams

Please review the infographic as way to guide you in getting started with your assignment:
Developing an Assignment with Integrity (Links to an external site.)
Getting Started: Interprofessional teams are part of practice trends we see developing in all
aspects of care delivery. Consider you own work environment (or recent clinical setting).
For this assignment, consider the concept of interprofessional teamwork and patient outcomes.
Look to your current workplace as an example. (If you are not currently employed, look to a past
workplace or clinical practice area.)
Apply the components of the iCARE concept to interprofessional teams in a short paper. (Body of
the paper to be 3 pages, excluding the title page and references page)
iCARE components are:
C ompassion
A dvocacy
R esilience
E vidence-Based Practice (EBP)
How could you contribute to an interprofessional team and patient outcomes through nursing
actions of: compassion, advocacy, resilience, and evidence-based practice?
Select one scholarly nursing article from CINAHL as a resource for your paper. Additional
scholarly sources can be used but are optional.
Use APA format throughout, particularly in citations and on the References page.
Please paraphrase throughout. One short quote is permitted.
The prepared paper template is RECOMMENDED for this assignment.
Download the assignment template here: iCare Assignment Template (Links to an external site.)
A short tutorial with tips for completing this assignment may be viewed here: iCARE Paper (Links
to an external site.)
Elements of iCARE paper
Title page
Below are the headings to be used for this assignment.
Introduction: (No heading needed here in APA) Explain the type of work setting you are
discussing and whether interprofessional teams are currently present. If interprofessional teams
are present, indicate a team function that could be improved. If interprofessional teams are NOT
present, indicate what type of team you think might be possible in the setting.
Describe a nursing action item for each component below that could contribute to:
interprofessional team support; how this might impact the culture of your unit or organization; and
possible impact on patient outcomes.
Evidence-Based Practice
Summary: Include a summary statement of how iCARE components can support
inter-professional teams and patient outcomes. Address how you may be able to influence this
process of support for inter-professional teams overall in your unit or organization.
References page: List any references used in APA format.
Before preparing your assignment, please review this “Crediting Sources Made Simple (Links to
an external site.)” resource. This tool is intended to help you understand scholarly writing, APA,
referencing, and crediting. Please reach out to your instructor with any questions as you prepare
your assignment.

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