Internal and External Analysis of Coca-Cola Company

Perform the following:
PESTEL – 5 marks (2.5 for Pestel and 2.5 for strategic impact)
Must have variables and strategic impact for each variable.
Industry Economic Traits (Dominant Economic Features) Analysis – 5 marks (2.5 for traits and 2.5 for strategic impact)
Must have numbers; for example, size and growth of industry. What are the industry’s strategy-shaping economic features?
Porter’s 5 Forces – 10 marks
Industry, power of each variable and the impact of each. How strong are the industry’s competitive forces? Must have conclusions about the attractiveness of the industry.
Driving Forces – 5 marks (2.5 for forces and 2.5 for strategic impact)
3 – 5 drivers and the impact of each. What factors are driving industry change, and what impact will they have?
Strategic Group Map – 5 marks
3 – 4 competitors. Map as per text, or 2 x 2 matrix. Must have conclusions on positioning and impact on the industry.
Key Success Factors (industry) – 5 marks
3 – 5 KSFs. This is for the industry, not company. Must have industry strategic impact for each KSF.
Industry Life Cycle – 5 marks
Where is the industry in the life cycle? What are the strategic implications of the life cycle position?
Company Outlook Based on Assessment of the Industry – 15 marks
The big summary and tie-in to Ricoh. Point form or prose acceptable. MUST HAVE conclusions about Ricoh’s success based on previous insight. Must have competitive advantages based on industry insights.  
Your answer should be based on the following: Impact of the macro   
forces (industry); fit with the economic traits; ability to make above
average profits; company’s competitive advantages; current position in
the market. Draw conclusions about the prospects for success based on
the industry.
The Internal Analysis – Company
Present Strategy – 10 marks
Current strategy set out and evaluated, key outcome – Is it working? How well is the company’s present strategy working? (Quantitative and qualitative analysis)
SWOT – 10 marks
2 x 2 matrix of major elements only. Conclusions are a must, based on Ch. 3, covering resources and capabilities.
Competitive Strength Assessment – 5 marks
Draw conclusions. Is the company competitively stronger or weaker than key rivals?
Issue Identification – 5 marks
Must be based on various conclusions up to now. Do not include any issues not discussed and analyzed previously (issues out of nowhere = 0). At the end of your external/internal analysis, you should write a short and succinct paragraph identifying the key issue facing Ricoh that has emerged from your work.

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