Logistics Technology and Processes (Questions and Answers)

Supply Chain Questions and Answers 
Below you will find multiple question sets. Please select four question sets from the following list and provide respective answers. Do not respond to all question sets.
Chapter 1

  1. Choose an industry and determine a typical supply chain structure for the selected industry. Discuss ways for a company to align its logistics processes with its business strategy in the industry.
  2. Discuss how logistics technologies can help companies to develop necessary supply chain capabilities.

Chapter 4

  1. Discuss relevant technology trends for business logistics. Select two technologies and elaborate how the selected technologies will enable business capabilities.
  2. Select a supply chain or logistics technology. Develop a specific plan for a company to: 1) apply this technology to the company’s supply chain operations; and 2) assess the performance of this technology.

Chapter 7

  1. Michael H. Hugos state, “Traditional pursuit of efficiency is now less profitable”. He also suggests that it is “time to get agile and reinvent traditional supply chain operations.” Do you agree with his statements? Please explain.
  2. Discuss the need for universal, easy, and inexpensive data connections between all parties in a supply chain. Explain why these connections will improve supply chain-wide and each firm’s performance and profitability.

Chapter 9

  1. Describe how one company can create responsive supply chains for large-scale customization and in doing so created a strong competitive advantage for itself.
  2. Your company intends to establish long-term alliances with its supply chain partners (contractors, customers, and/or suppliers, etc.). What logistics capabilities does it need to possess and how can it leverage these capabilities into the alliances?

Chapter 10

  1. Assess the profit potential inherent in the self-adjusting feedback loop and explore how it can be harnessed to drive your supply chain.
  2. Discuss why modern businesses need to know how to play the game of supply chain management. In a business network situation, how can businesses strengthen their existing supply chain alliances?

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Global and domestic oil & gas supply chains.

  1. The recent shale oil & gas exploration and production in the United States has begun to generate significant impacts on the domestic and global landscapes of the oil & gas industries. The increase of US domestic oil & gas has apparently improved the US independence of energy imports and mitigate dependence on foreign, especially the middle East, crude and natural gas imports. In the meantime, the surplus of global oil & gas production has resulted in the changes of global oil supply and demand. For instance, the average retail gasoline prices in the US have dropped to around $2.00 in late 2015 due to abundant oil supply from global and domestic sources.

Discuss the changes in oil & gas supply chain in US when domestic crude oils are utilized instead of foreign oils. What technologies are needed to keep domestic oil & gas production efficient and safe?

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