Management Theory, a Reflection

Evolution of the Management Theory
Maximum word Count (7,500)
Format your paper in APA
Use at least 20 references
Write a detail essay covering the evolution of the management theory.
You can cover the following points

  • The apostle of mass production
  • Early thinking about management
  • Early strategists: Machiavelli and Sun Tzu
  • Why study management theory
  • The scientific management school
  • Frederick W. Taylor
  • Contributions of scientific management theory
  • Limitations of scientific management theory
  • Henry L. Gantt
  • Frank B. Gilbreth and Lilian M. Gilbreth
  • Classical organization theory school
  • Henri Fayol
  • Fayol’s 14 principles of management
  • Max Weber
  • Mary Parker Follett
  • Chester I. Barnard
  • Efficiency and Factory
  • The behavioral school
  • Human relations movement
  • Hawthorne experiments
  • Quality concepts in human relations theories
  • From human relations to behavioral science approach
  • Management science school
  • Recent development in management theory
  • Systems approach
  • Contingency approach
  • Era of dynamic engagement
  • New organizational environments
  • Ethics and social responsibility
  • Globalization and management
  • Inventing and reinventing organizations
  • Cultures and multiculturalism
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