Marriott International Bussiness Report

Marriott International Bussiness Report

Report structure

Executive Summary (250 words) A suggested format would be to create an introduction which defines tourism marketing concepts. Tell the reader: a) the previews of the main points covered in the full report in the executive summary; b) introduce the aim of the report; and c) how information is presented.

Company Background (250 words) should describe the background of the company and the brief introduction of the company and services / products you have chosen.

External Analysis (500 words) should identify and discuss the micro/macro environment with particular attention to a) the identification of customers / consumers and analysis of their needs; b) analysis of the organisation’s competitive situation by using “Opportunities & Threats” or “PESTLE” Analysis models.

Internal Analysis (500 words) should identify and discuss an internal analysis focusing on the organisations capability to meet the needs of its customers by using one of the “Strengths & Weakness” or “Porter’s Five Force” models.

Ethical in business (250 words) should describe the measures adopted by the management of business venture in order to make ethics work in the organization and identify the ethical behaviour of business venture.

Future Development (250 words) should identify and discuss the issues raised by the audit and any actions you feel the organisation should be taking with regard to its future marketing activity by using appropriate marketing channel and ethical consideration.

This report will require to have a minimum of 15 different sources of referencing.

Business Report format & layout:

It is important that your report looks professional – you are, after all, in training for a profession. A typical business report uses the following format and layout:

• Use a clearly legible font and font size (Times New Roman is the most common font and 12 point is the most common size).
• Use 1.5 or double line spacing.
• Be consistent in how you format headings and subsection headings (e.g. font, font size, line spacing, sequenced numbering, number or bullet point style).
• Make sure any numbered sections or subsections, are sequential (e.g. 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 etc.).
• Keep the space between paragraphs consistent.
• Make sure your spelling and grammar check software is turned on.
• Make sure your references are correctly formatted in the required style.