Performance of Face Recognition Software

Use some facial recognition software to perform a performance evaluation of said algorithm.
Examples of facial recognition software:
To do this you must:
– Explain how the facial recognition algorithm works.
– Use at least 30 images of the same user under different circumstances (photos from
years ago and current photos).
– Use at least 30 images of other users with the intention of faking the original face.
– Use different methods to fake a user (masks, paper photos, etc.).
– Document everything and explain how good or bad the system is against attacks and
how it could be improved.
– Explain the external factors that can influence facial recognition.
Evaluation elements:
– 10% Explanation of the facial recognition algorithm.
– 40% Analysis of the system performance through real images of several users.
– 20% Analysis of counterfeit methods and their application.
– 20% Documentation and explanation of the result of the attacks, as well as possible
improvements to prevent them.
– 10% Explanation of the factors that influence facial recognition.
– It must contain Introduction, body/development and conclusion.
– The deliverable is a Word file, font Georgia 11, spaced 1.5.
– Sources must be listed in bibliography

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