Problem/PICOT/Evidence Search (PPE)

PPE grading rubric: Selects and identifies one quality or safety clinical priority practice problem from the assignment guidelines practice scenario. Thoroughly summarizes why you believe the nursing practice problem/issues the most important. Thoroughly summarizes the rationale (why) the problem was chosen. Provides details. PICOT question has 5 elements correct. Question is nursing related. All of the 5 criteria are present. (1) Locates evidence relevant to chosen nursing practice problem. Explains how the evidence is relevant to your chosen clinical nursing problem/issue. (2) Explains why the evidence was chosen. (3) Provides a complete APA reference to the evidence (includes authors, year, title of the evidence, title of the resource). (4) Evidence must be published within the last 10 years. (5) Provides the permalink. Thoroughly summarizes what was learned from the evidence. Thoroughly summarizes why you believe the nursing evidence-based practice committee should focus their next research study on this practice problem.

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