Project Management Case Study

For the case study, you and your team are to select a topic from the case study list, or you may propose one of your own choosing.  The topic for your case study should be a project that experienced significant project management challenges.  You are asked to identify those challenges and present them to the class, along with proposed methods of meeting those challenges.
Your team is to research the case and develop a narrated Powerpoint presentation to present the case to your classmates.  The length of the case study presentation should be in the range of 10-20 slides.  You should use graphics, pictures, and an easy-to-read sans serif font.  Please do not use animation (moving bullets, little men running around, etc.)  You are asked to write a short paper (3-5 pages, or more) summarizing the case and including a Works Cited page.
The focus of the case study is the management of the project.  You should include a time line.  How was the project generated, funded, managed, and performed?  Do you have recommendations for improvement? You should include financial information to the extent it is available:  budget, actual, reasons for variance.  You should attempt to determine if the project was successful.  You may wish to include a SWOT analysis.
SWOT analysis is used by management consultants to identify an organization’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.  A project can be broken down the same way.  For more information on SWOT analysis, you can check the description on Wikipedia, which presents an accurate picture.  SWOT analysis is not required, but some teams find it a useful way to organize some of the information.
Your case study will be graded on how well the case is presented, the analysis of project management issues, and the quality of the recommendations your team offers.  You should make a reasoned statement about project success or failure.
The case study presentation and supporting paper should be submitted in electronic format via upload to Canvas by midnight of the Sunday at the end of Week 8.   In an online asynchronous section of this class, the Powerpoint should be narrated, and the Presentation should be compressed before upload.

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