Psychology Homework Help

Please complete the exam questions as per the normal instructions.

  1. Outline and define the stages of Freud’s personality development.
  2. Outline, define, and give examples of the 3 essential qualities Carl Rogers believed were needed to achieve optimal functioning in an individual.
  3. Describe self-efficacy as a personality characteristic that is related to good health and overall well-being.
  4. Distinguish between Type A and Type B behavior patterns. Which one leads to better educational success and why?

5.Do you think your personality is set after adolescence (18-25)?  Yes or no, explain. Validate your answers with theory.

6.Can a child mimic their guardian’s or step parent’s personalities?  Is personality more genetic or environmentally based?

Question 5 & 6 are together. When you ask  Question 5 & 6, you need use your own word, and they cannot use reference and no copy.

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