Psychology of online gaming disorder

Psychology of online gaming disorder

With a burgeoning of online gaming, psychologists became interested in differentiating between online gaming as a healthy form of entertainment and online gaming behavior that crossed the line into a mental health issue. Recently online gaming disorder has achieved the status of a mental disorder in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5). Many people enjoy online gaming and would not be diagnosed as having Internet Gaming Disorder. What behavior provokes such a diagnosis? Read the following two articles and then for this assignment, you are going to create two personas.

In one, you will describe behavior of someone who partakes in online gaming. Describe what they play, when they play. Give enough information to your persona that it is clear how the person engages with online games and what thoughts and feelings it brings to mind.

For the second persona, you are going to describe someone who has the behaviors, thoughts, and feelings of a someone who would be diagnosed with an Internet gaming disorder.

Then, referencing the following articles, or others that you found explain why you created the personas the way you did.

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Internet Gaming Disorder (IGD): A Case Report of Social Anxiety