Recreational Therapist (CTRS) Ethical Decision Making (Case study)

Read the following case study about an ethical dilemma and answer the
questions below.
Text book not required to answer questions: Kunstler, R, and Daly, F.
Therapeutic Recreation Leadership and Programming; Human Kinetics; 2010
Case Study 
A Recreational Therapist (CTRS) has been working with a client who is recovering from an
automobile accident that caused a severe injury to both of his legs. After 4 months of intense
rehabilitation, the client and the CTRS began attending adapted sports clinics and events
together as part of an outpatient leisure education program. They also spent several scheduled
sessions in the community participating in leisure programs to identify and address physical and
environmental barriers related to the client’s injuries. On their last outing, the client invited the
CTRS to attend a jazz concert at a local night club. When the CTRS said that she didn’t work
on that particular night, the client stated, “I know, that’s why I’m asking.”
Case Study Questions (100 marks)

  1. What is the ethical dilemma?
  2. What is the risk of the dilemma?
  3. What bioethical principle(s) apply?
  4. What principle(s) of the TR Code of Ethics apply?
  5. What type of ethical issue is this dilemma?
  6. What ethical decision making approach would be the most appropriate to decide?
  7. What ethical decision making model would you choose to make the decision?
  8. Why did you choose this model?
  9. What is your decision?
  10. Why did you make this decision?
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