Risk Management (Case Study)


You’ve been hired to help sort out a mess. Safety has taken a turn for the worse at Spacely Sprockets. The company president wants to know where the focus should be on safety and health in the new year. You’ve been assured that money will be invested but only for the right things. Your job? Identify the right things, i.e., problem locations, equipment, etc.
Analyze the data provided and identify the ‘critical few’ using the Pareto Principle. You may wish to google search ‘excel pivot tables’ for this one. I bet there are useful videos posted.
Note that each column of the spreadsheet represents a category with one or more sub-variables. The data in any column may or may not be significant.
1. Build a ppt.
2. One chart per slide. Each slide to include an explanation of the data and any conclusion(s) it affords. Be concise (no lengthy paragraphs). Describe to Spacely Sprocket’s President ‘what’ (s)he is looking at and ‘what’ (s)he should understand from it.
3. The company president has a short attention span. Don’t worry about the trivial many, but focus upon the critical few.
4. Provide a final slide that includes a bullet-ed summary of your significant conclusions.
5. Submit your spreadsheet so I can see how you accomplished your task
You need to identify the most significant relationships between the variables. Simply counting the number of items in each column of the spreadsheet won’t meet this assignment’s requirements.
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