Role of the Professional Nurse in Community Health

RecognizingHealth Hazards / ExistingNeeds and Possible Solutions
The role of the professional nurse in community health includes planning and developing
programs and services (interventions, actions) to prevent or reduce the chance of illness or injury
to their community. Programs and services may also be needed to manage current illnesses or
needs of persons within the community. Empowering the community act on its behalf is very
important to building healthy communities.
Use Windshield Survey Tool. Fill it out as much as possible in your community survey.
Windshield Survey Tool -Refer to the bottom of this document Pages 2-7
My Community Survey: A YouTube example
Specific to your chosen community, discuss your community in an APA formatted paper to include:
▪ Title page
▪ Minimum of 2-pages and a maximum of 5-pages
▪ Reference page
▪ Headings (page 62 of the APA manual)
The title and reference pages do not count in the page limit.
Support your information from researched sources. Government and city information can be found
online. Sites such as vital statistics for the community, the Chamber of Commerce, and CDC can provide
valuable information. Speaking with people in the community is always a great resource.
The APA paper will include:
▪ Provide a description of your selected community. Include demographics, mortality and
morbidity, as well as strengths for the area.
▪ Identify what you see as the #1 health risk/hazard in your community from your windshield
▪ Discuss your goal for your selected community according to the identified health risk/hazard you
▪ What interventions,plans, and actions (strategy) would be needed to help the community reach
the goal? (Chapter 13 in your textbook will be helpful.) Your goals are to be specific,
measurable,achievable, and time limited.
▪ Discuss the outcomes you expect from your interventions to resolve or minimize the effects of
the identified health risk/hazard for your community
Submit your scholarly written paper through Turnitin by 11:55PM CST on Friday of Week 3.
This activity is worth 10% of your total grade. You can expect feedback 72 hrs. after the closing of
the assignment.
Final Course Project Part 1 Tool
Windshield Survey Assessment
(Replaces Table 11.1 in the textbook)
This is a tool to help you process what you see or don’t see.
Do NOT submit it through Turnitin nor the Dropbox.
“If” some of the questions are not identifiable within your 25 block area,
how far is it from your 25 block area?
One of the roles of the professional nurse in community health includes the identification of potentially
negative findings within the community. These findings may detrimentally affect people’s health within
the community. You can consider this a type of assessment you currently perform on the patients you now
care for. (Review Table 2.1 on page 22 of your textbook, “Selected Nursing Activity.”)

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