Six Sigma Case Study Paper

Three parts need to be submitted
Phase 1
Select a process from an organization you work for or are familiar with. Make sure it’s a process you are able to collect data and process statistics.
Create a flowchart of the current state or as-is process using Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, or Excel and evaluate how well your process operated (efficiency and effectiveness) of your process using process improvement techniques.
Next ascertain how the process can be improved based on the results of your evaluation and define process metrics and measure the current state process.
Use process improvement techniques to improve the process. Create a flow chart of the improved process using Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, or Excel.
Use your professional judgment and what you learned to ascertain how the future state process will perform according to your metrics.
Phase 2 – Evaluation
Evaluate your process using either lean concepts to find ways to eliminate waste and improve the process and/or SQC or Six Sigma to reduce defects or variances in the process Then complete the following in Excel: chart and Compute the defined process metrics including process capability and process
Create and display a control chart for the process.
Analyze the control process metrics using Statistical Quality/Process Control (SQC) methods.
Decide whether the process could benefit from the use of Six Sigma, Lean, or other tools.
(Include all calculations and charts)
Phase 3- Executive Summary
Write a 700-to-850-word executive summary that includes the following:
A brief description of the process based on the flowchart of the process’s current state. Explain the results of your process evaluation and how the weak points can be strengthened. Include a description of the process improvement technique(s) used.
Provide a brief description of future state process improvements
Using the metrics chosen to evaluate the process’s current state estimate how you anticipate the future process will perform.
Provide a brief description of your process improvement project to achieve the process future state
A summary of the Process Evaluation (using either Lean or SQC or Six Sigma)
A summary of the evaluation of the control chart and process metrics based on other tools
A description of the SQC project and recommendations.
Cite references (including some peer-reviewed) to support your assignment.
Provide a list of references and format your citations according to APA guidelines.