Tesco’s failed entry into the Chinese market

Tesco’s failed entry into the Chinese market

Assignment 1 requirement

2000 words max


Introduction and Background

Market Research (discuss at least some aspects of the external environment)

For managerial implications (provide suggestions for a firm based on your analysis)


Managerial Implications



  • Your task is to select a company or an organization that entered at least one foreign market and you feel would benefit from a better international marketing strategy. • The firm should have issues in a particular market. This is not to say there must be a complete failure of the international market efforts from the firm, but there needs to be a weakness in the area. The firm can come from anywhere, from any country.
  • Your task is to critically analyse where and why the firm went wrong in its international marketing effort.
  • The issue can come from anywhere from deciding whether to internationalize, which markets to enter, how to enter, and/or marketing mix in the target market.
  • Your analysis needs to based on global market research (g., PEST)
  • You need to use and explain relevant international marketing literature and theories from academic sources and provide a systematic and critical analysis of the case.
  • You need to logically apply theoretical insights to the particular situation and explain what the company is doing wrong (or right).
  • You should discuss the implications/suggestions of your findings from a managerial perspective, highlighting the key implications for new or existing international marketing strategies
  • You can totally discuss any theories/frameworks that can support your analysis. They can come from international business, management, marketing, and finance disciplines.
  • The research should focus on the specific country. The market research information is then fed to your analysis to explain where, how, and why they failed.
  • You need to use academic literature to build your analysis and support you in pointing out where, how, and why the firm fails. The insights from the literature should be laid out and applied in the analysis section. Please see the answers to some of the above questions to distinguish between generalized knowledge and information from reports and news. Please also see the brief for more details.


Select a company that you think has some international marketing issues

▪ Do your preliminary research and pick key issues to work on

▪ Next: Do your in-depth research!

– Conduct a brief secondary market research (including at least some aspects of external analysis) that relevant to the issues

– Literature review (preferably 3-level, 4-level, and 4*-level ABS journals) – Note: when writing, you don’t need

to create a separate literature review section, and it can be integrated into the “Analysis” section!

– Synthesise and analyse based on market research and literature review.

– Writing up

Reference: 30+

Any generalized knowledge should be from academic articles, while information relevant to a particular firm should be from reports, market data, or new articles. For example:

generalized knowledge: firms should not invest in foreign countries that have long psychic distances from home countries at the beginning of their internationalization (academic reference needed).

Information relevant to the firm: Data shows firm A invests in country X which has a vast cultural and economic difference from the home country of firm A (data, news articles, and reports are accepted).