Write A Case Study On Planning A Wireless Network Site Survey

Complete both Case Project 7-1 and 8-1
Case Project 7-1: PowerPoint 15 minute presentation
Planning a Wireless Network Site Survey You are a network engineer for a small motel chain that has just been acquired by a large hotel company. The plan is to keep your company’s motels as a separate brand from the new parent company. The parent company wants to upgrade the facilities in your motel chain, including the wired LANs. The company plans to implement WLANs both to assist in motel administration and to provide guests with a wireless Internet connection. You have been asked to prepare a 15-minute oral presentation on the process of developing a wireless network site survey as part of the feasibility study. The presentation should include PowerPoint slides and should explain the purpose of a site survey, the specific procedures involved, the reasons for the procedures, security considerations, and the tools typically needed to complete the survey. You have heard that the parent company intends to consolidate many departments, including information technology, so you are determined to do an excellent job on the presentation to impress your new supervisors. Prepare the presentation, and then submit your work to the instructor or present your work in class.
Case Project 8-1: 2 pages 2 diagrams
Inline vs. Passive IDPSs You work for a network solutions provider. Your goal is to become a network 8 engineer and design enterprise networks. You began with the company as a technical support analyst who helped clients troubleshoot hardware and software. Because of your strong communication skills, your boss has been sending you on sales calls, but you feel that this task is moving you away from your goal of network engineering. As a compromise, you and your boss have agreed on a plan in which you will make a series of video training programs to explain complicated networking topics to clients. Your first video will explain the difference between inline and passive IDPS devices. In preparation for video production, you must submit an outline of your presentation along with explanatory diagrams. Prepare a one- to two-page outline that defines inline and passive IDPSs, the hardware required, the advantages and disadvantages of each, and typical situations in which one is preferred over the other. Include at least two diagrams.

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