Zoe Beloff and and the Changing Role of Digital Technologies (Management Essay)

According to Zoe Beloff, “[i]t is common knowledge that people have long been emotionally invested in their tools, but a profound shift is underway. Today, digital devices are increasingly  designed to create the illusion that they are not simply objects but subjects, caring and sentient beings. They actively elicit our responses so that while it appears that they are our servants, they are in fact training us, shaping us from earliest infancy. It is we who are working for them”(2018:7).
For this essay, you are to discuss the changing role of digital technologies in the organization and control of new forms of work. You should include empirical examples or cases, at lest one, in your discussion and analysis.
Drawing from module materials, evaluate and explore the transformations, connecting these shifts to at least one of the following topic areas explored in the module:

  • The sharing economy & app based management
  • The quantified self, monitoring, and optimization.
  • The Etsy economy ad craft revival.
  • Gamification and ‘fun at work’
  • Logistical media and software
  • Algorithmic management
  • Transformation of an industry by digital technology
  • Digital content production and moderation

The essay should be about 3,200 to 3,400 words, use Harvard referencing, and check grammar and spelling.

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