360-degree Feedback Systems

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Research evaluating 360-degree feedback systems tends to demonstrate superior outcomes to
more traditional performance assessments. 360-degree systems rely upon multiple points of
evaluation including supervisors, peers, self-rating, subordinates, computer-based ratings, and in
some instances outside sources such as customers or clients. Discuss the advantages of a
multi-rater system to improve evaluation of leaders and subordinates. Examine the challenges of
the 360-degree feedback system especially considering how to increase rater agreement, frameof-reference, and how to ensure raters know what behaviors and characteristics comprise
effective performance. Lastly, analyze the future of 360-degree feedback and the inclusion of
computer-based assessment within a 360-degree feedback system.
General Requirements:
Use the following information to ensure successful completion of the assignment:
The APA Style Guide is located in the Student Success Center.You are required to submit this
assignment to LopesWrite. Refer to the directions in the Student Success Center.
Write an essay (1,750-2,000 words) in which you will analyze the 360-degree feedback system.
In your essay address the following:
Examine the advantages of tjhe 360-degree feedback system.Evaluate the impact of 360-degree
feedback on leadership style from a theoretical perspective of leadership.Discuss an empirical
examination that challenges the 360-degree feedback system.Evaluate current and proposed
sources of information within 360-degree feedback.

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