5 Minutes Persuasive Essay (Topic: Should Recreational Marijuana Use Be Legalized For Every States In The US)

I am looking forward to listening and being convinced from your speech.  Remember, you will need to submit your outline when you are scheduled to speak.  If you are unable to present your speech as scheduled five points will be deducted from your point total.  In addition, the extra credit video critique of your practice speech will also need to be submitted at the same time.
The requirements for the persuasive speech are the same as the informative speech except   the intention of your speech is persuasive.  This means in your introduction your specific purpose must persuade.  For example, “Today I want to persuade (convince, or stimulate) you about being compassionate.”  Your thesis should break down “being compassionate” to two or three good reasons.  And yes, your good reasons may sound like main points in your informative speech.
750 words approximately

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