Aboriginal Peoples and the Criminal Justice System, Canada

Answer the following questions.
Maximum word count in each question is 450 words.
Question #1
Many studies have shown that Aboriginal peoples are over-represented in the criminal justice system. Examine the statistics that demonstrate this over-representation, and identify and discuss at least three reasons for it.
Question #2
The view of justice that prevails in Canada derives largely from English legal concepts. The traditional views of Aboriginal people were quite difference. Describe each of these perspectives, discuss its strengths and weakness, and outline the process by which the current criminal justice system came to dominate in Canada. What has been the result for Aboriginal people?
Question #3
Generally, Aboriginal peoples have a strained relationship with the police. What is the historical basis for this situation? How does it manifest in contemporary society? What has been done to address this situation? And how successful were these effort? What else might be done to improve the relationship?
Format your paper in APA.

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