Analytical Research Essay Question (Academic Writing)

Conventions of Analytical writing:

  •  An appropriate topic (it must allow people to possess different opinions on the topic, though they might share a point of agreement. Non-arguable topics based on personal taste or preference, or they cannot be resolved with reasons appropriate for an academic context.)
  •  A clear position.  In academic writing, the stance is usually laid out in a thesis, though not always
  • A set of reasons stating why your position is valid
  • Evidence used to support the reasons. The evidence should be appropriate for the audience and context

Assignment:   Pick your favorite feature length film and analyze the following elements:

  • How does the film meet the tropes (or stereotypes) of the genre? Or, how do does it not use the tropes/what is different?
  • Camera Angles
  • Editing
  • Lighting
  • Sound
  • Pick specific scenes to prove your position (you must include what time the scene appears on screen or an        estimate).

Using your notes from class and your textbook write a FORMAL argument supporting your position.

6 Paragraph minimum (points will be deducted if too short). Double space, MLA format, Works Cited page (if you use an outside source)

Remember to use the proper MLA header (name, class, etc.). This is FORMAL: no I, We, Me, You, Us, or contractions.

You will also be graded on punctuation and formatting. 100 points.

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