Analytics for operations and logistics management

Analytics for operations and logistics management


Module Title: Analytics for Operations and Logistics Management Module Code: 7BUS2042
Assignment Format & Maximum Word count Individual Report – 2500 Assignment weighting   60%
Coursework Submission: Time: 6pm

Date: 22nd January 2023
Method: Upload Word/PDF file on Canvas online

Coursework return Date returned to students:  
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Module Board name BAS
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Assessment Criteria
Learning Outcomes: Knowledge and Understanding assessed in this assignment:
·       Evaluate the role of data and analytics in adding value to a variety of organisation

·       Explore the need for competence in operations and logistics management and be aware of its impact on business performance

·        Appraise the appropriate use of business analytics to support operational decision making to create and add value to a business.

Learning Outcomes: Skills and Attributes assessed in this assignment:
·       Formulate and evaluate operations and logistics management issues to be able to determine which business analytical technique is most beneficial

·       Critique the importance of information sharing within the organisation and appraise the impact of this information on decision-making within an organisation


Transformational Opportunities:
E.g. Use LinkedIn Learning to improve skills
Feedback /Marking criteria for this Assignment
·        Performance will be assessed using HBS Grading Criteria (Rubric)
·        Feedback for improvement will be given in writing via your Canvas module site within 4 weeks of submission
·        Lateness Penalty: For each day or part day up to five days after the published deadline, coursework relating to modules submitted late will have the numeric grade reduced by 10 grade points until or unless the numeric grade reaches the minimum pass mark (UG 40/PG 50).  Where the numeric grade awarded for the assessment is less than the minimum pass mark no lateness penalty will be applied.  If the coursework is submitted more than 5 days after the published deadline, it will not be marked and a grade of zero will be awarded. Please note: Referred coursework submitted after the published deadline will be awarded a grade of zero (0).”
·        Extensions: Students do not have an automatic right to an extension.  If you require an extension, this must be requested in advance of the submission deadline.  Please give your reason(s) for needing an extension.


Detailed Brief for Individual Assignment

Assignment Title: Individual Report

Description of the assignment, task, content, and structure:

Logi Service is a provider of logistic service for SME organisations. In recent times due to many successful marketing initiatives, they have been successful in securing many service contracts with reputed retailers in the UK. In order to support this operation, the management changed the business processes radically to reduce the delivery times and to enhance customer experience. Some of other changes include investing in digital technologies including data analytics software, easy to operate digital handled operators and state-of-the-art web interface for end customers as well as its direct clients. The employees currently are extremely happy with existing processes and the teams they belong to. The new change requires many employees to improve their digital skills as many lack digital literacy skills.


As a very knowledgeable business analyst and intelligence consultant, you have been contacted by the board of Logi Service through a recruitment firm, to help institute this change and create a sense of urgency among the employees through training that will result to quick wins, ranging from technological, organizational, human to cultural aspect including processes and information flows of the business systems.

The firm has also, allowed you to assess the operations of their major global partner, including the customer databases, sales and profits across regions and cities. And finally, the company handed over to you a CSV Superstore database folder containing information about their global business operations.  

Your tasks are highlighted in two parts:

Part 1  

Using any favorite charts of yours, the board want you to design an executive Dashboard, and track and display any 3 of the 5 listed KPI’s:

1)     Customer segment

2)     Product category

3)     Sales

4)     Profit by province

5)     Shipping cost

Note: The Superstore database table has been provided via your school email and can be downloaded from Canvas site. The designed Dashboard must be presented and submitted in Word/PDF file.

Part 2

Write a critical report appraising the importance of integration of data analytics software and business intelligence platform such as Power BI, in enhancing business operations and performance, and clearly recommend with logical reasons why you think that the knowledge of these data-driven techniques and their applications are the best digital literacy skillsets that Logi Service employees required to support and drive the above change.

The report: Maximum of 2500 words excluding codes, charts, and references; codes can be given in appendices)




This report should

1.               A separate cover page indicating the title of the project, your full name and module code

2.               An introduction section explaining the problem and how you intend to approach it.

3.               Explanations of Power Bi 3 Main features – Interface, Workflow and Query environment


4.               Identification of the concepts of Fact and Dimension tables relationship


5.               An explanations and analysis of the KPI’s in the Dashboard design showing the intelligence applications for the organisations’ continuous performance improvement.


6.               The proposed benefits that can be realized by the new system (i.e., interpretation of the result in terms of its relevance to Logi service’s challenges)


7.               Conclusion


8.               A reflection section that describes (using Gibb’s reflective framework):

a) what did you learn that you did not imagine you would have? if you had to do it all over again, what would you do differently?)

c) any final comments and conclusions


Note: Report submission must contain a Word/PDF file


Other useful information regarding working in teams and presentation skills is available via the CASE website


Specific instructions:
The HBS Grading Criteria (rubric) will evidence how marks are awarded for individual parts of

the assignment i.e., Presentation and Structure, Intellectual Curiosity and Referencing, Content, Analysis, Discussion


Marking Scheme for Individual Report: Weighting
Presentation and Structure 10%
Introduction 10%
Explanations of Power Bi 3 Main features – Interface, Workflow and Query environment 10%
Identification of the concepts of Fact and Dimension tables relationship 10%
Dashboard report and KPI’s analysis and their relevance/applicability/explanation 20%
Conclusion 15
Reflection 20%
Harvard Referencing 5%
Total 100


Academic Integrity,  Plagiarism and Essay Mills
·        You are NOT allowed to copy any information into your assignment without using quotation marks and a reference – this is ‘plagiarism’ (a type of academic misconduct). 

·        You are NOT allowed to copy from other students (or allow other students to copy from you) – this is ‘collusion’. 

·        You are NOT allowed to copy from your own assignments on other modules – this is ‘self-plagiarism’. 

·        You must NEVER buy assignments from websites (essay mills) – this is called ‘contract cheating’ and it is now illegal in the UK. 

·        If you commit academic misconduct, your mark will be reduced, and you will face disciplinary action for repeat offences. 



Student Support and Guidance
  • For further help on module content and assignment details, contact your Module Leader in his or her  drop-in / office hours or by email.
  • Use the Learning Outcomes and HBS Grading Criteria (Rubric) to help inform you of the expectations of the assessment.

·        Use CASE (Centre for Academic Skills Enhancement) website resources: Attend CASE workshops and drop-ins to develop academic skills to meet HBS expectations (see timetable on CASE website homepage or drop-in to CASE in L064, in the LRC).

·        Visit the Academic English for Business Programme Site for tips on developing your academic English

·        For help with Turnitin, look for the “Check your work (Turnitin Originality Report)” practice assignment in the Assignment section of all of your modules.  For help with understanding plagiarism and how to make changes to your assignment,

·        Use the Online Library to access quality business information resources:

o   Library Search will help you find books, journal articles and more.

o   Use the Subject Toolkit for Business to access to industry standard databases.

o   Use Library SkillUP for guidance for searching and referencing.

o   Get help: use SkilIUP module chat, visit the Study Success Hub, or book an 1:1 with a librarian.



The relevant HBS Grading Criteria (Rubric) for your assignment should be added as a table immediately below the assignment description.  If you are unable to find the Grading Criteria (Rubric), please contact your Module Leader.