Behavior Modification Assignment

Behavior Modification
Target Behavior Definition   /10

  • clearly specify the target behavior (4)
  • state whether you want to increase (strengthen) or decrease (weaken) the behavior (2)
  • Describe why you want to change the behavior (2)
  • Describe what benefits the change will bring (2)

Baseline    /10

  • Specify the unit of measurement (1)
  • Specify the time-frame (length) of your baseline period (1)
  • Specify how many times the behavior occurred (by time frame) during the monitoring period (summarized in text and in a graph/table/chart). (2)
  • Specify the antecedents you observed (2)
  • Specify at least two reinforcers and punishers that are maintaining undesirable behavior or preventing desirable behavior. (4)

Design Program:   /18

  • Specify the goal in absolute terms and in reference to the baseline.(2)
  • Identify the method you will use: reinforcement and punishment or a mix of these and explain your decisions and the contingency used. (12)
  • Specify how the control of antecedents will be used and why. (4)

Implementation and Analysis:  /14

  • Evaluate the degree to which the program successful. How much change was observed (compared the baseline week). (2)
  • Reflect on what factors may have contributed to your success (or lack thereof). (2)
  • If you succeeded, propose a plan to help you maintain the change. If it failed or was only partially successful, propose (but do not carry out) an alternative plan that might be more successful in the future. Consider things such as the type of reinforcer/punishment, value of reinforcer/punishment, schedule/contingency, length of program, control of antecedents, etc…(5)
  • This section should include a second graph that compares the baseline and implementation weeks. The graph, chart or table should have an explanation and should be appropriately labelled (title, labels of x and y axis, units of analysis, data). (5)

Technical Writing/Structure:   /10

  • Well-structured and well-organized paragraphs with appropriate, clear, and smooth transitions (2)
  • Uses professional standards of written English (2)
  • 12 pts font (2)
  • Double spaced (2)
  • No more than 4 pages (2)
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