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behavior modification project: treatment phase report assignment instructions


Treat your target behavior, using the treatment method(s) that you have researched in this course. Use the time available to you to treat it, whether it is one week or two. Then prepare and submit your Behavioral Modification Project: Treatment Phase Report Assignment, which will consist of the following 6 parts. Use Level One headings to differentiate the parts.


  1. Target Behavior: The target behavioral definition is clear and measurable. Examples are cited if clarification is needed. [Description]
  2. Treatment Method: The treatment method is described clearly and concisely.


  1. Treatment Period: Dates and/or time stated in the description and labeled on the x axis of the graph. For the treatment graph, both the baseline and the treatment phases should be shown with phase lines between the two. [Description and Graph]
  2. Experiment Narrative: Described the logistics and process of the experimental treatment phase (the research design – AB or ABAB, schedules of treatment, confounding variables that may have impacted the experiment). [Description and Graph]
  3. Dimension(s): The logical dimension(s) (Frequency – Intensity – Duration – Latency) that were observed and recorded during the treatment phase are clearly and consistently stated and shown, labeled on the y axis of the graph. [Description and graph]
  4. Summary of Treatment: Clearly and completely, but concisely, verbally summarize the treatment of the target behavior and show the results of the experiment. [Description and Graph]


Note: This assignment will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plagiarism tool.