Management Styles

Management Styles

Discussion: Management Styles

In Chapter 10 (10.5) you read about several management styles (pdf page 176) and how management and communication styles are linked. As an HR professional, you are the person others look to for guidance when there are communication issues or issues between management and employees. That means you need to understand the various management styles…..but why?


For this discussion, using what you read in 10.5 of the textbook, answer this question:

As a HR professional, why is it important for you to understand management styles?

Main Post 

In your main post, set the context for the message and share the three reasons it is important for HR professionals to understand management styles. Use the standard 5-paragraph format.

Paragraph 1: Set the context and then preview your three reasons in the last sentence of the first paragraph. That is, the last sentence in your first paragraph should look like this: The three reasons HR professionals need to understand management style are _______, _______, and _______.

Paragraph 2: Explain the 1 st reason and why it is important (the benefit received)

Paragraph 3: Explain the 2 nd reason and why it is important (the benefit received)

Paragraph 4: Explain the 3 rd reason and why it is important (the benefit received)

Paragraph 5: Summarize the main post

In addition, keep these requirements in mind:

▪ Support your thoughts with at least two outside sources not given to you in this course

▪ Use in-text citations so we know where in your main post you use the information you found.

▪ Include the URLs at the end of your post in case we want to read more from your sources.

▪ Include at least one personal experience as part of your reasoning.

Main Post Subject Line

Your subject line should follow this format: 3 Reasons HR Professionals Need to Understand Management Styles