Building Report

On successful completion of this module you will be expected to be able to:

  • justify the design of typical medium rise, high rise and wide span buildings in terms of performance and constructional details to resist the external elements and accommodate their intended purpose
  • illustrate both the functions and performance of typical materials and components of building and explain how the site location and soil conditions influence design and construction of the structure

You are working as a team whose brief is to research and recommend environmentally friendly elements to be used in the construction of a multi storey commercial building. Your client embraces the cause of the environment and is anxious that their company should demonstrate its green credentials for the 21st century.
The client requires that their new 10 storey office building should:

  • use the most environmentally acceptable materials
  • provide their employees with a pleasant working atmosphere and a feeling of control over their environment as well as contact with the outside
  • have a very low energy-use and not rely on a conventional air-conditioning system
  • show that consideration has been given to sustainability and maintenance


  • the location is an inner city site bounded by busy roads to the north and east, an adjacent listed terrace of Georgian houses to the west and a canal to the south
  • the soil comprises clay; there is a high water table level, particularly in winter when the lower parts of the town are liable to minor flooding in very wet years
  • the area where this new building is to be located has recently seen the demolition of a 6 storey concrete office building dating back to the 1960s

Since this is a higher level module you should be clear that this requires greater degree of student research and individual thought than in a first year module. It will relate most specifically as follows:

  1. a) The analysis of both the site and the building in respect of functional requirements and user needs
  2. b) From this understanding flows the need to demonstrate knowledge of the various forms, frames and external enclosure systems, and the situations for which they are most appropriate
  3. c) Finally the selection of suitable case studies having regard to the factors above and the reasoning behind the choice

Theoretical solutions for each task should be supported by recent case studies so that the final recommendations are well founded on strong arguments.
To appreciate the implications of the CDM regulations for design and construction.
For the text you are expected to give balanced attention to the following:

  • analysis of brief & discussion of requirements
  • brief description of suitable choices
  • arguments for selected method
  • technical detail of proposals

Suggested report Layout
The Report Layout
One report shall be submitted, per group, comprising:

  • abstract and contents page
  • introduction (200 words)
  • tasks 1-4 and case studies (1,000 words per task) 4,000
  • conclusions/recommendations (800 words)
  • reference page and bibliography
  • appendices
  • minutes of at least 3 group meetings (1000 words) 1,000

Total                              6,000 words 

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