Canadian Export Of Pork To China

In this term paper assignment, you are required to write a 12-page paper about Canada Export of Pork to China. In your paper, include the following sections.
(1) Executive Summary
(2) Product Report (Product features and benefits s compared with competitive or substitute products), (SWOT analysis).
(3) Product Analysis
(4) Market for the Product (Competitive analysis using Porters Model, (Demographics, Psycho-graphics, and Economic data of China), (Customs, Regulations, Market entry issues), (Trade agreements between China and Canada, Intellectual Property Rights in China, International Trade Issues), (Unique marketing proposition to differentiate from competitors).
(5) Financial Projections. (Sales, taxes, insurance, tariffs, shipping) (market growth in 3 years) (assistance by the Canada government in product promotion )
You can use the following links
SWOT Analysis
PEST Analysis
Porters Five Forces Model

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