Civil engineering contemporary issues

Among the criteria that ABET uses in evaluating engineering programs are a series of student outcomes. One of those outcomes is “a knowledge of contemporary issues”.
This assignment is geared toward assessing how up-to-date you are on a current issue facing civil engineers. In essence, it is a mini-research project.
Pick an area of civil engineering that interests you. The more focused, the better – water reuse rather just environmental engineering (even more focused would be “membrane technologies in water reuse”)
• Prepare a separate bibliography of your articles. Use ASCE bibliography format attached
•Find at least five (5) articles which relate to this issue or issues. The articles must be current, with at least three be from the past 5 years, while the other two must be within 10 years. If you wish to use more than 5 articles, I won’t complain. Use at least four different publication sources, such as:
◦ Peer reviewed Journals,
◦ ASCE Civil Engineer magazine or other professional publications,
◦ At most 1 source can be from a website/blog/non-engineering publication.
Different issues of a journal or magazine count as separate publication sources.
• Prepare a 4-5 page report on the articles. The report should be more than just a summary of each paper. It should be a synthesis of all of the papers, discussing how each of the papers / issues you researched affects the field of civil engineering or society.

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