Construction Management Assignment

Question 1 (2 pages per element excluding graphics)
Prepare a technical report addressing domestic construction elements for:
A. Domestic Wet Area Waterproofing
B. Load bearing timber wall systems
C. In-ground concrete footings
D. Plumbing Services (from point of origin to fitoff point)
For each element, your report must:
oComponent assembly sequence
oRequirements materials
oReference to relevant standards, codes etc.
oLabour, plant and equipment required for these works
Include photographs of the element
Include annotated sketches of some aspects of element detail (drawing by hand by students)
While not mandatory, it is highly recommended that this report be written in conjunction with visitation to a live Class 1 construction project(s) of your choosing. Where this has been done, please note a different Class 1 project may be used for each element, but not within each element.
Your report should demonstrate your understanding of each element and how it contributes towards the final product, a new house.
Question 2 (750 Words)
Conduct research regarding formwork and falsework systems, then:
A. Provide a review of the main types of formwork and falsework systems that are available for selection.
B. Identify codes, standards and the like applicable to the design and installation of formwork and falsework.
C. Identify a unique Class 1 project completed in Australia that used extensive formwork/falsework systems. Provide a brief review of the project with a focus on the use of these temporary structures.
Question 3 (750 Words)
Interview a local housing contractor and seek their views on how they choose plant for their projects. Make notes of the interview which must be presented as an appendix to this assessment. Provide a summary report on how this local housing contractor chooses plant for each of their projects.
Visit a local housing site on at least three occasions and record the dates, plant that is being used, who provided the plant and what the plant is used for on-site. Discuss suitability (or possibly unsuitability) of the plant selected for the tasks being undertaken.

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