Cryptography Research Paper (Research Paper Writing)

Create a fictitious company that has
• Email (both encrypted and not),
• Hash values to verify documents,
• Databases that store
• corporate sensitive / proprietary information
• employee payroll, health records, etc.
• vendor information
• credit card information
• other items as determined by the type of company
• Remote users that must be authenticated
• On site users that must be authenticated
You will need to complete the following:
• What methodology will you use to protect the data?
• What are the biggest challenges faced by companies using encryption?
• How will you verify and authenticate the users both local and remote?
• What forms of encryption (symmetric / asymmetric)
• What certifying authorities will you use?
• What are common attacks and how will you protect against them?
• How have other similar companies dealt with this and with what results?
• How will you test the method you choose?
• What are the expected outcomes?
• What new methods may be on the horizon that will help this industry?
Please note the following criteria:
Research paper:
• Research Paper must be in APA Style
• Research Paper must have at least 5 works cited of which 2 must be peer reviewed works/articles (note your book can be included as a reference)
• Must be at least 10  double-spaced pages with standard 1 inch margins.
• 6 – 8 pages of prose
• Limit the number of bulleted lists
• Prose + charts + figures = 10 pages
• Total report should be 10 – 15 pages
This presentation must be supported by the research paper.

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