Cultural development need at workplace

Cultural development need at workplace

Cultural training needs at workplace

Identify a cultural development need at work, and prepare a presentation with speaker notes or a report on a plan to address the cultural development need. It could be a need at the individual, leadership, team, or organizational level. If you are not currently working, use one of the case studies from the course or another chosen in consultation with your instructor. Identify tools, models, and processes from the course that would help address the need you identified along with the Competing Values Framework (CVF) and the Human Capital Management Drivers framework. Recommend a solution, based on concepts learned in this course, that aligns with the organization’s strategy. How will you know if your solution is successful?

In your presentation or report, be sure to address the following questions:

In my current organization, is the culture aligned with the organization’s vision, values, and strategy?
What about the culture in the organization supports and enables the organization’s pursuit of its vision and strategy?
What aspects of the culture sometimes get in the way of the organization’s pursuit of its vision and strategy?
What ethical dilemmas and legal considerations are at play in organizational improvement efforts?
Which of the nine steps for culture change listed above would have the greatest impact on the identified cultural development need?
Organize your report or presentation into sections using the following headers: